We make the inventory problem an opportunity!

The most comprehensive automotive sales training platform in the world

Implemented by stores from these autobrands

  30% revenue increase in 90 days with full implementation & application of the training .

How it works

 Cardone On-Demand is a comprehensive auto-specific training system that integrates into your business.

✓ Provides 24/7 access to every major objection and sales and management challenge your people are facing

✓ 1,500 video modules accessible from any computer or mobile device at the click of a button. 

✓ Provides a world-class tracking and management system for your managers and executives to inspect your people’s progress and results

✓ Provides standardized content for sales meetings and training sessions for your staff. 

✓ All theoretical training is delivered virtually to a desktop, tablet, or smartphone in manageable 3-7 minute micro lessons [so even millennials can pay attention].

✓ Converts your in-house sales managers into Cardone Certified trainers


Training For Today's Marketplace

  • Even when competitors have the unit in stock
  • How to provide so much value it doesn’t matter
  • Nurturing relationships so they go with you
    • They want X, you have Y. How to sell
    • Control without confrontation method 
    • Reinforces your correct process
    • Improves CSI
      • 2022 order taking vs true selling
      • How to reinforce the right habits

      • Make them Stick 
      • Teach them the Right Habits

      • Ensure they Don’t get Used to Order-Taking
      • Handle any service related objection
      • Increase hours per R/O
      • Motivation in service department
        • F&I program
        • Complete F&I Excellence Course
        • Value approach to F&I selling
        • Over 25 F&I closes 

        • Step-by-step process to attain your targets
        • Strategies to become a professional

        • Know-hows of making the most important sale
        • Success rituals to control time
        • How to instantly build credibility

        • The secret to developing the power to predict

        • The ability to NEVER lose a deal over price

        • Understanding of the #1 RULE in selling

        • The way to double your proposals presented to clients

        • Industry leading sales strategies and advice

        • The very BEST practices for fact finding and negotiating

        • The ability to create an automated cash flow sales process

        • The mistakes you must avoid in the close

        • The 3 things that will make you or break you

        • Super advanced closing strategies

        • An abundance of rebuttals to close the deal

        • Step-by-step situational breakdowns of negotiations

        • Access to the 17 things that will kill customer stalls

        • Advanced closes for every situation

        • Step by step process to a attain your targets
        • Strategies to become a professional

        • Know-hows of making the most important sale
        • Success rituals to control time
        • The amazing 1-call close

        • The key to setting appointments that show every time

        • The ability to make a BULLETPROOF incoming script

        • Skills to control the call NOT the caller

        • Real-time solutions to handling even the most difficult objections

        • Every objection that you will encounter handled

        • Instant correction

        • Secrets that only the successful know

        • The Cardone Path to Greatness

        • How to surround yourself with the successful

        • How the Greats handle failure and rejection

        • Step-by-step process to build the perfect cold call

        • Strategies to handle objections on cold calls

        • Know-hows of getting past gatekeepers

        • Success rituals to attack your day

        • Ways to be remembered

        • Strategies to stand out from the crowd

        • Creative ways to follow-up with prospects

        • The secret to following up persistently without being obnoxious

        • The amazing 1-call close

        • The key to setting appointments that show every time

        • The ability to make a BULLETPROOF incoming script

        • Skills to control the call NOT the caller

        • Tap into the power of networking

        • Stay motivated no matter where you are in your career

        • Dominate in times of contraction

        • Pursue freedom by abandoning your comfort zone

        • Create dependable income streams over long periods of time

        • Recognize pretenders and how they waste their money

        • Tips to motivating a team

        • How to find your personal “switch”

        • 3 ways to sustain levels of motivation

        • Mastering Goal Setting

        • Learn how to get attention in a noisy marketplace

        • Key marketing strategies for winning in any economy

        • Understand how to build a brand successfully

        • Study the fundamentals to proper marketing execution

        • How to run an engaged and productive team

        • The best strategies for growing your sales even while operating remotely

        • The fundamentals to running a winning sales team

        • How to structure your team’s day to maximize production and minimize distraction

        • Gradient-based training to help train up new salespeople

        • Skill up your new hires fast so they can become revenue drivers fast

        • Minimize turnover and increase retention by giving new hires the skills they need to win

        • Lessen burden on your management team by having a new hire training road map

        • Sales meetings on every part of the sales process

        • No preparation needed for managers

        • Complete action plan provided for exactly what to do

        • Role-playing components to help train application of material

        • Management specific content on running successful sales teams

        • Using information based selling to win over customers and close deals

        • Building, motivating and training world class teams

        • How to maximize every opportunity that comes into the business

        • Under the basics of customer service and how to deliver it

        • Learn how to excel at customer service across all mediums

        • Learn the top customer complaints and how to handle them all

        • How to soar your customer satisfaction scores

        Industry leading content for all departments

         How We Get Your People to Use the Program 

        There is no question as to whether the program works, it does, as the statistics prove it. The question is, can we get your people to use it?
        We work with your management team directly to get the program used in four key ways:  

        1. social media style online Training

        • For those with short attention spans and millennials, the training is delivered in short and engaging 3-7 minute segments.

        Over 1,500 powerful video courses, accessible 24/7 with the click of a button (3,500+ courses available with add-ons).

        • Testing after each video to ensure retention and application of the material.

        • Content divided into 4 certification paths to make it easy for the staff of all skill types to train – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master.

          2. Turn managers into cardone certified trainers

          For the managers who could use a hand training their people, this training provides the complete road map to management success.

          Complete sales meetings provided with step-by-step instructions on the content to cover and the drills to run.

          Management specific training to turn your management team into effective leaders and revenue drivers. 

          • Tools provided to help managers build a high performance and accountability based culture within your organization.

          3. Skill Building Webinars

          • Bridging the gap between the Cardone training and selling your products, our sales team will run ongoing webinars for your team.

          Live interaction with a Cardone Sales Expert to help answer real-time questions and situations from your team.

          • Adds another layer of training that allows your team to deliver substantial results.

          We will get your team performing and engaged with the content on a level you never expected possible.

          4. ongoing accountability & statistic Tracking Calls

          You don’t need another dashboard to manage so we help manage it for you.

          Dedicated performance manager that is focused solely on raising the sales performance of your team. 

          • We work directly with your managers to ensure that they are utilizing the training program to its full capacity.

          Provide accountability strategies and customized training plans for your team based on their needs

          The most comprehensive automotive selling solution on the internet

          In-house management & accountability

          We don’t rely on our sales reps to manage your account. We have a dedicated management team assigned to support and train every client.

          Over 1,500 video courses

          Sales training on every topic so you can find exactly what you want and watch the video  instantly.

          World-class technology

          This virtual platform ensures you retain what is viewed with concise videos and quick questions to test what you learn.

          Solutions on-Demand

          Get solutions directly from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Switch between them as you like with one account.

          What we Do

          ○ Sales Training For Every Topic

          In-depth training on every part of the sales process to turn your team into professionals.

          ○ On-Demand Sales Solutions

          Quick and easy on-the-fly sales solutions your team can use to solve any problem they run into.

          ○ Accountability & Real Time Reporting

          Detailed reporting on your team’s training usage and engagement, emailed or texted to you daily or weekly.

          ○ New Hire On-Boarding

          30, 60 or 90 day comprehensive new hire training to skill up your green peas fast.

          ○ Salesperson Certifications

          Four Certification levels of training to ensure your team is skilled in the basics through to the advanced techniques

          ○ Skill Development: Role-Playing Meetings

          Fully prepared role-play sales meeting on every area of the sales process to practice application of the material.

          ○ Expert Third Party Content

          Expert content provided from other trainers to provide your team with leadership, hiring, F&I and service advisor training.

          ○ Management Support

          Management specific training provided along with regular support calls from our in-house team.

          Access the Platform from any device at any time

          Cardone On-Demand is easily accessible from phones, tablets, and desktop computers, so no matter where you are, Grant is there with you at your fingertips. Designed with your convenience in mind, you’ll always have quick, mobile-friendly access to all 1500+ courses.

          What you get

          Client Successes

          Hilltop Toyota

          “I think the Cardone program has helped us through 2020! We have become much more information based selling!!! Along with a more confident and self-assured closing approach!! These are a few of the things I think the program has helped with in what for many has been a very trying time!!! We have grown our business while others have backed up!”

          Troy, Sales Manager

          Client Successes

          Subaru of Lethbridge

          “The follow-up is working for them, it’s the right thing. Brad (new sales person) took an orphan customer from a previous sales person and was able to turn it into a good deal by following-up. There is a lot left on the table and all they need is a nudge to come in (to the dealership).”

          Luke, Owner

          Client Successes

          Performance Lexus Toyota

          “I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks. I really appreciate the support that you’ve provided us. I’m also very thankful for the example that you set by your actions. That has always been the most impressive part of your organization to me. You don’t just talk the talk, you practice everything you preach, and that is very refreshing.”

          Mark, General Manager

          Client Successes

          Riverside Dodge

          “Back last week on Thursday I sold 3 vehicles in one single day. The reason for that is going forward with Grant Cardone’s training and learning how to adapt to the current situation has really helped me keep a positive mindset, using the tools that we need to use and keeping our pipeline full, which is something I keep on doing on a day-to-day basis. I couldn’t do it without my leaders and team mates and team leaders but most of all shout out to Grant Cardone because living with no negativity and being positive truly wins at the end of the day. Thanks”

          Stacy, Sales Rep

          Client Successes

          Barnes Wheaton GM

          “I have a well trained staff with 3 guild members and we were with Verde for over a decade. We have experienced more buy in because of Grant’s presentation and the Cardone Team’s support than with Verde; everyone now enjoys training and trains every day. Bottom line, more buy in, more sales, more confidence and more fun.”

          Eric, General Manager

          Our Clients

          total lessons Taken