Sales Meetings

Most sales leaders will agree that a properly executed sales meeting is a powerful tool for driving results with their team. Unfortunately, most sales leaders can also appreciate the frustration that comes along with trying to constantly come up with relevant, engaging, and applicable sales meeting content. Most sales leaders simply don’t have the time or capacity to prepare fully for running high-performance meetings for their teams.

The Cardone platform addresses this problem head-on by allowing sales leaders to stay focused on their high-level activities by providing everything they need to run powerful, engaging, interactive, and impactful sales meetings. The sales meetings are broken down by each step in the sales process and include a video portion, a discussion portion, and a role-playing and drilling portion. Complete with full instructions via an action plan, managers now have everything they need to execute sales meetings to deliver real results.

What will you get:

  • A complete action plan with step-by-step instructions on how to run sales meetings.
  • Meeting content for every part of the sales process
  • Full role play and drilling scenarios provided with specific scripts and word tracks
  • An entire system for building skilled, competent and an engaged sales force

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