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Saskatoon South Hyundai

Lois, Sales Manager

Performance Lexus Toyota

Mark, GM

Christensen Automotive

Aaron & Andrew, CEO & COO

Peterbilt Pacific

Chuck Dietrich, VP of Sales

St. Thomas Nissan

Louis, GSM

Fort Motors

Aaron, Sales Rep

Chapman Motors

Al , Sales Manager

Subaru of Lethbridge

Luke, GM

St. James Volkswagen

Sunny, General Manager

Island Owl Truck

Ben, Owner

Silver Star MB 

Frank, Sales Rep

Drive Nation

Jared, General Manager

Hilltop Toyota

Troy, Sales Manager

Davis GMC

Easton, BDC Rep

Western Kia

Jacob, GM

JP Subaru

Zach, Sales Manager

I have a well trained staff with 3 guild members and we were with Verde for over a decade. We have experienced more buy in because of Grant’s presentation and the Cardone Team’s support than with Verde; everyone now enjoys training and trains every day. Bottom line, more buy in, more sales, more confidence and more fun.

Eric, General Sales Manager

Barnes Wheaton

First thing I do when I come in to work is 3 Grant Cardone videos. I really feel that it helps structure my mind, keeps me focused, fresh and helps me get to my goal. Not only does it help me set my goals but Grant gives you a clear path on how you can get to your goal. Set the goal for yourself, say you’re gonna do it, and DO IT. You will create customers for life.

Mitch, Sales Rep

Acura Centre

Our store has been through the gambit with sales training platforms over the years. The challenges we ran into was the training is always either outdated, not relevant to our market or not user friendly and hard to use. To summarize, we have had a great experience with the training. Our team is small but the buy in from our staff has been significantly higher than any other product we have used in the past.

Ty, General Sales Manager

Riverside Toyota

The Cardone on Demand platform has been unbelievably successful in our store. It has changed the culture of our sales staff and management giving us a more energetic and entrepreneurial approach to our sales. I have seen lifts in closing ratios in some of our staff as much as 15%!

Larry Jr., Owner

Penticton Toyota

We did 78 units (47 new, 31 used in May, which is up 160% YOY. Last May we did 30.Looking like the switch from Marino to Cardone is paying off… in a pandemic!)

Kobi, Sales Manager

Calgary Harley Davidson

With a team as big as ours we used to have one guy doing things one way and another guy doing things his own way and managers had to adapt. Now guys come to the desk and we get the same information.

Josh Hudgins, Sales Manager

Hickory Toyota

We saw a 40% year over year profit increase, and shot up to 9th out of 152 stores in volume sales after 4 months on the program. For our size, that is quite an accomplishment! We had our best months in our history back to back this summer and we have no doubt that will continue.

James, Owner

James Braden Ford

We had a strong finish here. Over 50 units! Typically we do 35-45 units. The last four months have been 10 year records!

Aaron, General Manager

Yellowknife motors

Training so far with the team has been great. Everyone finds the content refreshing, motivating and relevant. Sales volume and revenue have increased these last 2 months [since being on the program] – last month we broke store records for toal amount of cars delivered and total gross.

Sunny K., General Sales Manager

St. James volkswagen

Everyone has finished the Beginner Certification, and we are awarding them their certificates after our call and taking them out for a team golf event next week. Our appointment show rate has gone up since implementing the training and doing roleplay twice a week minimum. We are quite happy with the training path and continuing to work on the Road to The Sale now. The team is discussing the training, is quite engaged and enjoying the content

Brandon, Sales Manager

Pineridge Ford

In the last year, in volume we’re up 40% up in new, and 112% in used. All of our managers are Cardone trained. We make the training a condition of being employed here. It’s been incredibly consistent.

Colin, DP & GM

Kamloops Mazda

Everyone is discussing takeaways and the feedback is very positive. I told the staff you don’t realize how complacent you’ve gotten until you listen to what you should be doing, it’s a good refresher for me and it’s a great training tool.

Darren, GM

Central Kia